Web App for Business Learning

Skill House Learning has partnered with Wirefreesoft to provide a series of web app for business learning and employee training. Our partnership combines the talent of a computer engineer and an employee learning specialist to develop cloud based solutions for problems that employees and executives face at work. Feel free to contact either Wirefreesoft or Skill House Learning for more information on these products.

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Say This Now is a web app devoted to help you quickly see and say common and useful phrases in Chinese and English. We built Say This Now based on our experience living in China, studying Chinese, and doing business in China and the United States. Our hope is that Say This Now will enable you to more effectively communicate during your business travels.


Mployi is a web app that provides mobile training solutions for communication, instructional, safety, and visual workplace problems.

What is Mployi?

Mployi is a custom web app service that can be used for limitless applications. For example, Mployi can be used to help correct communication problems for your company’s staff.

How does Mployi work?

Mployi provides custom solutions for companies in a variety of industries. Based on your company’s unique employee learning needs, we can build specialized training solutions just for your business.

How can Mployi work for my organization?

Mployi is a flexible learning solution and can be applied to training for factory floor employees, sales and marketing staff, and C-level leadership.