Skill House Learning Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology at Skill House Learning

Based on my observations, beliefs, and personal experience as a teacher and language learner, I have developed a unique teaching method. Essentially, I look at learning a language with three components: vocabulary, applied vocabulary, and language patterns. Vocabulary is the base level. One needs to develop an understanding of individual words as first step. When moving up in language ability levels, one component is increasing the size of one’s vocabulary. For instance, I will be taking the HSK Chinese language fluency test this December, testing at level 4 out of 6. In order to advance to the next level, one of piece of that is continually working to expand my vocabulary in my target language.

In addition to expanding vocabulary one needs to know how words fit together with other words. This is grammar and it is also roots, prefixes, suffixes, as well as verbal tenses. Knowing how words fit together makes it easier to infer and recognize meaning when approaching new vocabulary.

Thirdly, after acquiring vocabulary and an understanding of how the words fit together, the next step is language patterns. To understand language patterns is to understand natural communication. When I first moved to China, I would learn language patterns in Chinese by riding with cab drivers and having them ask me the same set of questions each day. I developed automatic responses to each question. I knew that when I would here that, I should say this. This automatic response is the work of understanding language patterns.

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