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Tales From The Office – Episode 1

It was Monday and I wasn’t looking forward to going to work. The pressure was on with a number of clients ordering product at the same time. When I left work on Friday, my email inbox was overflowing with client orders to respond to. They were now waiting for me when I got into the office.

Not only were there all the emails to respond to, but with more client demand for our products, the phone lines were always busy and my English was not very good. I would fear talking with the clients and making a mistake on an order. That happened a number of times already. Our manager, Samantha, has had to cover for me on the phones since I wasn’t able to respond effectively to what customers were wanting. Also sometimes they couldn’t understand me because of my accent.

I got out of my car and walked into the office. I sat down at my desk and took a deep breath. Okay, time to get started.

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Just as I thought, the phone calls and emails started to roll in. Here in the customer service department, we are a team of four. There are three of us customer service representatives and our manager. My coworkers, Julie and Kristen, were born in the States and have better English than me. I feel like I am holding the department back. But I don’t say anything. I just try my best to do my job.

“Lisa, I need you to handle the phones coming in,” Samantha said, “we are getting a lot of calls coming in from customers requesting orders.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of it,” I said. Deep down, I started to get nervous. Would I be able to handle the orders?

Just then, the phones starting ringing. I picked it up and began to answer the call.

See what will happen to Lisa in the next episode of Tales From The Office….

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