Identifying Pain Points for Partner Solutions

Small talk before, during, or after a meeting can give you insight into client needs that your partner organizations can address.

“Is there an app for that?” The secretary asked.

“We need to find a way to send an alert to all staff members, like the AMBER Alerts that you have on your phone,” said a manager.

I asked the manager if her company had an intranet. She replied no.

A light went on in my head. Here is a problem for which someone, maybe someone I know, can provide a solution.

This happened right before a meeting that I had with a management team at a client company. We were waiting for a conference room and had a few moments to chat prior to heading in to discuss the training program.

At this Los Angeles area company on this particular day, there was a fire drill. The pain point in this case pertained to company-wide communication, getting all staff members on the same page so that the fire drill would be effective and smoothly run.

A solution to this problem, as the manager suggested, is a way to push content to all user cell phones, notifying all staff in regards to the fire drill.

Paying attention to these moments before, during, and after meetings can provide insight into real situations that your client is facing. These may be situations for which you or a partner organization could provide a solution.

The key here is to keep track of what is talked about during the down time when conversation is casual. It may be more fruitful that you expect.

Here at Skill House Learning, we partner with a variety of organizations to provide solutions to client needs. Contact us for more information on how we can work together.