Tales From The Office – Episode 4

In the last episode of Tales From The Office, Lisa was struggling with business English writing. Specifically, she was having trouble completing a new customer form for Steve from Samphor Industries. Lisa’s manager, Samantha, found a company called Skill House Learning to help Lisa improve her professional communication skills. Let’s see what happens in this episode…

After researching a training provider who could help Lisa, Samantha found a company called Skill House Learning. She decided to send them an email. The letter she sent looked like this:

Hello Daniel,

I am a customer service manager at Crodain Corporation, a manufacturer of chemical coatings in Los Angeles. Recently one my staff members has been struggling with handling customers on the phone and inputting information into our system. She has developed a reputation for difficulty in communication over the phone. Customers avoid dealing with her on the phone which has resulted in an increased workload for myself and her team members.

We are looking to develop a program that can help this employee, Lisa, with improving her customer service abilities, listening and speaking on the phone, and also improve her written and spoken grammar.

Please let us know if this sounds like a program you could develop for us.

Best regards,

Samantha Barendo

Daniel and Samantha set up an initial phone conversation to further understand the problem and put together an idea of what the program would look like. After the phone call, Daniel created an initial ESL for Business program proposal for Samantha and Crodain Corporation. The next step was to show the proposal to the president of the company.

Tales From The Office - Episode 4 - Business English Writing

The president of Croidain Corporation, Ross Johnson, looked over the proposal and gave the approval. Samantha and Daniel prepared the final version of the proposal. Lisa was going to start an ESL for Business program with Skill House Learning.

See how Daniel and Skill House Learning help improve Lisa’s business English writing in the next episode of Tales From The Office…

Tales From The Office – Episode 3

When we left off with Lisa, she was starting to fill out a new account form for Steve from Samphor Industries. Let’s see what happens in this episode…

“Alright, time for the next step,” I thought to myself.

“Steve, can I get your company’s address?” I said to him.

“Sure,” Steve replied, “1600 South Broad Lane, Los Angeles, CA…”

As Steve spoke the address, I started to write it down. Steve was speaking so quickly, I knew he was in a hurry and I wanted to be able to take care of this new account form quickly too. But it was too fast and I didn’t catch all the information. I was a little nervous because of the pressure.

“Steve, could you please repeat the address?”

“Okay…The address is 1600 South Broad Lane, Los Angeles, CA…”

I wrote down what Steve had told me. I think I got most of it but didn’t want to ask him to repeat the information again. I didn’t want to waste his time and I wanted to make sure I was taking the order quickly so I could keep with the demand and the rest of the customer service team.

We proceeded to go through the rest of the new account form. I filled out the form for Steve and then sent it over to our sales manager for approval. Before we can start doing business with a new customer I know we have to first go through this process.

A few days later a problem occurred with the form that Lisa filled out for Steve. Because she was rushing through it, there was multiple errors that made trouble for Lisa’s coworkers in her department, including her manager Samantha. Because things were not formatted correctly, the team had trouble finding the information amongst the many customer files. And because key information was missing, someone from her team (her manager Samantha) would have to go back and contact Steve to get the needed info.

New Account Form - Skill House Learning - ESL for Business

Samantha thought about what to do to help Lisa with her professional English communication skills. Through her research online, she found a company named Skill House Learning that specialized in ESL for Business programs. Skill House looked liked they provided just the kind of training that would take Lisa and the customer service team to the next level.

Let’s see how Skill House Learning helped Lisa and the customer service team in the next episode of Tales From The Office…