Motivation in Language Learning

How many times have you heard: I used to be able to speak Spanish, Japanese, French? The question really is: why can’t you speak the language now? Where did the skills go? When we leave regular language practice, be that the classroom or the native country, it is much more difficult to continue to develop language ability.

This makes sense, right? When we are in the classroom, we have our fellow students to practice with. We are regularly using the language. Similarly, when we live in a foreign country, we have the culture and entire population to engage with. But when we move to real life outside the classroom and back in our home country, what happens to our language ability? As you probably well know, our language ability tends to wither away.

However, this does not have to be the case. You can maintain your language ability and even keep progressing while moving beyond the classroom and entering the daily grind in your home country. The key here is getting yourself to stay motivated with a personal connection to the language you are learning. Find bands that sing in your target language. Eat at restaurants where you can practice your language skills. Play a sport or train a martial art in the target language. Find your connection and you will be motivated to learn and continue to progress in language ability.

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