Professional English language communication skills are essential for increasing sales and reducing costs in the manufacturing industry. More specifically, developing professional English language communication skills will help Skill House Learning - ESL for Manufacturing Companiesyour company save time and be more efficient by not relying on translators. Additionally, our ESL for Manufacturing training will provide you with stronger client and vendor relations, better employee retention and capability, and increased professional advancement opportunity.

We can help your firm to:

  • Create stronger customer relations and have more long term clients
  • Retain staff for a longer period of time, helping them to provide better service to the clients
  • Achieve professional advancement and gain an edge on the competition

Case Study:

According to an article published by Business Communication Quarterly, multinational manufacturing corporations Skill House Learning - Chinese - ESL for Manufacturingcan have major communication problems due to a lack of English language training. The article focused on Finland based manufacturer Kone Elevators. The authors suggest “a targeted, audit-based and communication-orientated approach” to ESL training.

At Skill House Learning, we provide manufacturing companies with an English ESL program that is need-based and focused on addressing the specific communication problem areas within your organization.

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