ESL For Executives

The ESL for Executives program provides leaders of companies with the skills to further achieve career advancement and gain additional success for themselves and their businesses. Our ESL for Executives program focuses on helping you to increase professional communication, presentation, and public speaking skills in English. Our one-Skill House Learning ESL for Executives - China B2Bto-one program is completely customized based on your needs and your industry.  

Cost Effectiveness

Our ESL for Executives program provides you with maximum return on investment by customizing your English learning program to match your specific educational needs, timing, and schedule. Every program will vary in duration, frequency, and class size. In addition, various program designs may require specialized materials. Our pricing varies based on these factors.


Being able to track learning is essential to making sure we fulfill your educational needs in the shortest time possible. During your ESL for Executives program, we provide assessments at the beginning, during the course, and at the end to ensure effective learning. This provides the client and Skill House Learning information on the efficacy of the program which can be modified for maximized proficiency.

Superior Instruction

The ESL for Executives program is taught by the Founder and CEO of Skill House Learning, Daniel Lipton. Daniel has a Master of Arts degree in Education and multiple years of experience teaching the English language in the United States and mainland China. Daniel brings a unique perspective to the training of executives since he himself is not only the lead trainer but also the chief executive officer of his firm. Additionally, Daniel has a high level of proficiency in the Chinese language.

Please contact us for more details about the ESL for Executives program.