Professional English language communication skills are essential for creating a competitive edge for your firm in theSkill House Learning - ESL for Accounting - Training accounting industry. More specifically, developing professional English language communication skills will provide your firm with stronger customer relations, better employee retention and capability, and increased professional advancement opportunity.

We can help your firm to:

  • Create stronger customer relations and have more long term clients
  • Retain staff for a longer period of time, helping them to provide better service to the clients
  • Achieve professional advancement and gain an edge on the competition

Case Study:ESL for Accounting - Skill House Learning - Chinese

A study published in Business Communication Quarterly explains the need for specific English language training for accountants in the international business community of Hong Kong. A majority of employers valued reading and writing English language skills as most important for the job. This was due to the necessity of communication in written English for business letters, memos, and written reports.

Our ESL for Accounting Firms program can help you:

  • Increase staff’s professional communication skills to set the firm apart from competitors
  • Increase ability to provide highly professional, accurate, and excellent service in English
  • Provide high level and accurate written business communication with colleagues and clients
  • Increase public speaking skills of high level staff for professional presentations

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