Is your company planning on doing business in China?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you understand the language?
  • Do you understand the cultural environment?
  • Is your company prepared for the differences in doing business in China?

A preparation program can help you to:

  • Build stronger and more effective business relationships with your Chinese counterparts
  • Create a win-win negotiation strategy based on understanding China B2B Program - Skill House Learningcultural and business differences
  • Receive better service as a business traveler in China with language and cultural skills

The China Prepared Program is designed to ready your staff for doing business and traveling in China. Each program is customized based your business goals in relation to doing business in China. Our program can help your business:

  • Learn Mandarin Chinese
  • Understand the Chinese business environment
  • Prepare for traveling in China

Why you should use our China Prepared Program to ready your company for doing business in China:

The China Prepared Program was created by Daniel Lipton, founder and CEO of Skill House Learning. Daniel lived in China for three years and has studied Mandarin Chinese for over six years. Daniel has a high level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. Our China Prepared Program is taught by native Chinese speakers.

  • Designed by an American education and business professional who has lived in China and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese
  • Instructed by Chinese speaking trainers, fluent in both Mandarin and English

Cost Effectiveness

We understand that your business needs to minimize costs and maximize return on investment. Here at Skill HouseSkill House Learning Teaching Methodology Learning, our B2B China Prepared Program provides you with maximum return on investment by customizing your Chinese learning program to match your company’s specific educational needs, timing, and schedule. Every China Prepared Program course will vary in duration, frequency, and class size. In addition, various program designs may require specialized materials. Our pricing varies based on these factors.

Superior Instruction

The China Prepared Program is taught by native Chinese speakers with professional backgrounds in education and teaching Chinese for business purposes. Having native Chinese speakers teaching the course provides localized knowledge for
expert preparation in anticipation of your business needs in China.


Being able to track learning is essential to making sure we fulfill your educational needs in the shortest time possible. During your , we provide assessments at the beginning, during the course, and at the end to ensure effective learning so you can meet your business goals.

Please contact us for more information about our Chinese Prepared Program.