3 Reasons for High Language Standards in Professional Social Media

3 Reasons to Have High Standards with English Usage in Professional Social Media

Good writing is reflective of your credibility as a professional. Increasingly, I see poor English usage in written communication on professional social media such as LinkedIn and professional websites and blogs. When we post a comment in the professional realm or reply to a post, English should be used correctly with proper grammar. Here are three reasons your written English communication needs to be of high quality:

English that is not correctly written will make you look unprofessional and unable to have professional correspondence. Any time you post content publicly, you are showing the world who you are by how you communicate. If you have poor grammar when posting a response, you are displaying a lack of allegiance to high professional standards. However, strong written English skills reflect high professional standards.

If you are a leader in an organization, you set the standard for your employees. If your written English is sloppy, this gives your employees the green light to drop standards for English communication. When your employees deal with customers, vendors, and colleagues, they will be representing your organization. As such, leaders should demonstrate and cultivate professional writing and communication.

A strong command of English written communication will help you articulate your ideas more accurately and stand out from those that have poor written communication. Unfortunately, the colloquial nature of social media does not always lean towards professional writing standards. By displaying strong English written communication skills in professional social media, you will stand out from other professionals. By continuing to improve your written English skills, you will be able more and more to express your intentions with expanding clarity. This has an effect on you and your company’s bottom line.

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