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Tales From The Office – Episode 4

In the last episode of Tales From The Office, Lisa was struggling with business English writing. Specifically, she was having trouble completing a new customer form for Steve from Samphor Industries. Lisa’s manager, Samantha, found a company called Skill House Learning to help Lisa improve her professional communication skills. Let’s see what happens in this […]

Tales From The Office – Episode 3

When we left off with Lisa, she was starting to fill out a new account form for Steve from Samphor Industries. Let’s see what happens in this episode… “Alright, time for the next step,” I thought to myself. “Steve, can I get your company’s address?” I said to him. “Sure,” Steve replied, “1600 South Broad […]

Tales From The Office – Episode 2

When dealing with customers, grammar and pronunciation can be difficult for our customer service representative Lisa. Let’s see how she deals with a situation of an incoming purchase request. Lisa: so I took a deep breath and picked up the phone. “Customer Service Department. This is Lisa speaking. How can I help you?” “Hi, yes, […]

3 Reasons for High Language Standards in Professional Social Media

3 Reasons to Have High Standards with English Usage in Professional Social Media Good writing is reflective of your credibility as a professional. Increasingly, I see poor English usage in written communication on professional social media such as LinkedIn and professional websites and blogs. When we post a comment in the professional realm or reply […]

Making Training Programs Effective

A key to making training programs effective is having alignment between what is taught during the training session and what the trainees do at work. Training must connect with the daily tasks of the employees. What does this look like? Let’s observe a scenario. Stacey and John work at a chemical manufacturing company in the […]

Factory Learning Programs

I was once invited to tour a factory where I came across a situation. A quality control manager at a precision instrument manufacturing facility designed an exam to test factory employee knowledge of an assembly process. He showed me the exam he had created. It was a fine exam, one that would work well with […]