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The Importance of Skills

The concept of acquiring skills is one of the reasons I founded Skill House Learning. In a big way, skills define who you are. Skill are one thing no one can take away from you. For myself, skills not only provide practical application in one’s life but also direction and a foundation of one’s purpose. […]

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology at Skill House Learning Based on my observations, beliefs, and personal experience as a teacher and language learner, I have developed a unique teaching method. Essentially, I look at learning a language with three components: vocabulary, applied vocabulary, and language patterns. Vocabulary is the base level. One needs to develop an understanding of individual […]

Motivation in Language Learning

How many times have you heard: I used to be able to speak Spanish, Japanese, French? The question really is: why can’t you speak the language now? Where did the skills go? When we leave regular language practice, be that the classroom or the native country, it is much more difficult to continue to develop […]

About Skill House Learning

I started Skill House Learning based on my experience living and teaching in China. I lived in Quanzhou, Fujian Province for two years where I taught at Huaqiao University. I also lived in Beijing for a year where I taught at the Chinese branch of the Carden Foundation Schools. When I first moved to China, […]

Patterns are Key for Language Learning

One very important key to learning any language is getting familiar with language patterns and developing automatic responses that can be pulled from memory at the right moment for the right situation. It is actually a very natural process, something that we do without thinking in our native tongue. But when you actively work with language patterns, it will make your language acquisition much more effective.