Skill House Learning is an external consultant providing ESL and communication training programs on-site at your company’s offices. We service the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Our communication training programs target highly specific problems in your department with custom curriculum based on the day-to-day work of your staff. We learn your business processes to develop a training program that provides measurable improvement in the abilities of your employees.

Skill House Learning is able to provide training in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Founder and CEO, Daniel Lipton, previously lived in China and is certified HSK Level 5 in Chinese language proficiency.

China B2B Program - Skill House Learning

Our ESL for Business program provides your employees with the soft skills to effectively communicate in English with customers and staff. Customized programs including training for both spoken and written business communication. Skill House Learning can develop an effective ESL program for your company’s unique employee learning needs.


The Skill House Learning Professional Communication Skills Development Program improves efficiency and reduces costs for your company. We can help your business gain an advantage by providing your staff with specialized ESL programs geared toward your manufacturing operations.